Three new ‘Monobuoys’ to PDO Oman

Load out from Fabtech, Dubai UAE, was carried out on the 13th November onto a heavy lift vessel with subsequent discharge at the Mina Al Fahal terminal, completed on the 16th November.



Discharge of 'Monobuoy' buoys

Dishcharge of the three 'Monobuoy' buoys took place on 16th November at the Mina Al Fahal terminal completed on the 16th November

Inspection for Saudi Arabian Chevron Complete

EPC Solutions and The Monobuoy Company have completed a thorough inspection of the Saudi Arabian Chevron CALM Buoy at the Mina Zour Terminal in Kuwait. As part of this study a detailed specification for the full overhaul and dry-docking of the Buoy as well as for the supply of a new Telemetry and PLEM valve control system has been detailed.

Load out of CALM Buoys for Waha Oil

Over the evenings of the 11th and 12th September two new CALM Buoys for Waha Oil Company were transported on multi-axle hydraulic trailers to Jebel Ali port. they were then subsequently lifted into the cargo hold and onto the deck on the transportation vessel.

New Bearing Complete for PDO

EPC Solutions and The Monobuoy Company completed the installation of new bearing and testing of the CPU for the spare CALM Buoy at the PDO Mina Al Fahal Terminal in Muscat (Oman). Previously, re-machining of the CPU had been carried out under the supervision of EPC Solutions, and installation of the new bearing (supplied by The Monobuoy Company), allows the CALM Buoy to be utilised for operations.

Two new CALM Buoys for Waha Oil Company

Two new 12m diameter CALM Buoys have been loaded out from the fabrication yard in Dubai and secured on a heavy lift vessel for transportation to the client, Waha Oil Company.

Process Filtration Modules Completed

In the UAE, fabrication of the process filtration modules for the FPSO Integra is completed at NASH Engineering. The fabrication of the modules, designed by UK based company Amazon Filters, has been supervised by the EPC Solutions site team and are now ready for transport to Brazil.

Two CALM Buoys for Waha Oil

Two CALM Buoys for Waha Oil under fabrication in the UAE at Fabtech International are mechanically complete and are ready for delivery to the Client.

New Office in Pemba, Mozambique

EPC Moçambique opens a new office at the Pemba Beach Hotel in Pemba, Mozambique. The office is ideally located to serve the needs of clients in the region.

Conversion of Belait Barrakah Complete

Conversion of the vessel Belait Barrakah is completed in Dubai, UAE. EPC Solutions managed the conversion of the vessel, including provision of engineering and attendance at equipment factory acceptance tests. The vessel was retrofitted with new davits and associated control systems to launch, recover and stow high speed naval intercept craft.

Progress on Waha Oil Buoys

The installation of the main bearing and CPU are completed on the first Buoy for Waha Oil and the installation on the second Buoy is in progress.

Early Well Test Completed

EPC Solutions completes an 'Early Well Test' engineering study for Hibiscus Petroleum (Malaysia). The study fully evaluated options for the development of the Block 50 offshore concession in Oman, in order to determine the most economically viable and schedule orientated, field development solution.

Two new CALM Buoys confirmed

On behalf of The Monobuoy Company, EPC Solutions will manage the construction of two new 12m diameter CALM Buoys, which will be fabricated at Fabtech International (UAE).

The two replacement buoys, for Waha Oil in Libya, will incorporate many innovative design features allowing them to be completely interchangeable on 6 or 8 leg berths. Design will be undertaken at The Monobuoy Company's Monaco office and certification of the design will be performed by ABS from their offices in London. The buoys will be built under ABS class supervision.